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Type Phase Title Date Resubmit View
Case Files - Administrative Decision Results Letter Need Tech SubmAdministrative Decision Results Letter2/13/2020
OIL & Gas - Plan SetNeed 3rd SubmGrandeSouth_Plans2/4/2020
FDPs - Tab13Need 3rd SubmGrande S Project Development Schedule2/4/2020
FDPs - Tab12Need 3rd SubmGrande S Letter of Intro2/4/2020
Case Files - Letter of Introduction/JustificationNeed 3rd SubmGrande S Ph 2 Drainage Compliance Letter2/4/2020
Case Files - CorrespondenceNeed 3rd SubmGrande S OGP Checklist2/4/2020
FDPs - Tab10Need 3rd SubmGrande S Phase 2 Final Response Letter2/4/2020
FDPs - Tab9Need 3rd SubmSite Specific Air Quality Monitoring Plan2/4/2020
FDPs - Tab8Need 3rd SubmAmendment to Road Maintenance Agreement2/4/2020
Case Files - 2nd Review Comments Need 3rd Subm2nd Review Comments1/17/2020
FDPs - Tab7Need 2nd SubmGrande South - Draft Form 2A12/30/2019
FDPs - Tab1Need 2nd SubmGrande South - Letter of Intent12/19/2019
FDPs - Tab6Need 2nd SubmGrande S - Site Specific Groundwater Monitoring Pl12/19/2019
FDPs - Tab5Need 2nd SubmGrande S-Site Specific Air Quality Monitoring Plan12/19/2019
FDPs - Tab4Need 2nd SubmGrande South-Project Dev. Schedule12/19/2019
FDPs - Tab3Need 2nd SubmGrande South-Checklist12/19/2019
FDPs - Tab2Need 2nd SubmGrande South - Response Letter12/19/2019
FDPs - Tab1Need 2nd SubmGrande South - 1 Mile Abutter List12/19/2019
Case Files - 1st Review Comments Need 2nd Subm1st Review Comments12/4/2019
Case Files - Acceptance Letter1st Referral SentAcceptance Letter11/15/2019
Case Files - Referral Memo1st Referral SentReferral Memo11/15/2019
Case Files - Document OneSubmit ApplicationGrande South Phase 2_Form 2A11/12/2019
Oil & Gas - Operations PlanSubmit ApplicationGrande South (PH2) Project Development Schedule11/12/2019
Oil & Gas - COGCC Forms/2A/DOT RegistrrationSubmit ApplicationGrande South (PH2) COGCC Form 2A11/12/2019
Oil & Gas - 1-Mile Radius Abutters ListSubmit ApplicationGrande South (PH2) 1-Mile Abutters List and Map11/12/2019
Oil & Gas - Application FormSubmit ApplicationGrande South (PH2) Notated Checklist11/12/2019
Oil & Gas - Noise Management PlanSubmit ApplicationGrande South (PH2) Noise Managment Plan11/12/2019
Oil & Gas - Air Quality PlanSubmit ApplicationGrande South (PH2) Air Quality Plan11/12/2019
Oil & Gas - Road Maintenance/ConstructionSubmit ApplicationFIELDWIDE Road Maintenance Agreement11/12/2019
Oil & Gas - Stormwater Management PlanSubmit ApplicationGrande South (PH2) SWMP11/12/2019
Oil & Gas - Wildlife Impact Mitigation PlanSubmit ApplicationGrande South (PH2) Wildlife Impact Mitigation Plan11/12/2019
Oil & Gas - Groundwater Quality Monitoring PlanSubmit ApplicationGrande South (PH2) Groundwater Monitoring Plan11/12/2019
Oil & Gas - Water Supply Plan / Delivery MethodSubmit ApplicationGrande South (PH2) Water Delivery Plan11/12/2019
Oil & Gas - Property Owner AuthorizationsSubmit ApplicationGrande South (PH2) Property Owner Authrozation11/12/2019
Oil & Gas - Recorded Surface Use AgreementSubmit ApplicationGrande South (PH2) Surface Use Agreement11/12/2019
Oil & Gas - Traffic Letter/PlanSubmit ApplicationGrande South (PH2) Traffic Letter11/12/2019
Oil & Gas - PHA-HAZOP Analysis LetterSubmit ApplicationGrande South (PH2) HAZOP11/12/2019
Oil & Gas - Letter of IntroductionSubmit ApplicationGrande South (PH2) Letter of Introduction11/12/2019
Oil & Gas - Emergency Response PlanSubmit ApplicationGrande South ERP11/12/2019