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Type Phase Title Date Resubmit View
Subdivision Plat/ReplatNeed Tech Subm220810-Buckley Yard-08-Final Plat8/11/2022
Case Files - Document OneNeed Tech Subm4th Technical Review Comments7/21/2022
Case Files - 3rd Technical Review Comments Need Tech Subm3rd Technical Review Comments5/9/2022
Case Files - 2nd Technical Review Comments Need Tech Subm2nd Technical Review Comments1/11/2022
Master Plan - Plan NarrativeNeed Tech Subm211222-Buckley Yard-05-LOI12/22/2021
FDPs - Tab12Need Tech Subm211222-Buckley Yard-05-Plat Redline Responses12/22/2021
Case Files - Applicant Response - 1st Review Comments Need Tech Subm211222-Buckley Yard-05-Response to SP Redlines12/22/2021
Case Files - Applicant Response - Technical Review Comments2Need Tech Subm211222-Buckley Yard-05-Response to Comments12/22/2021
Case Files - Planning Commission Results Letter Need Tech SubmPlanning Commission Results Letter11/15/2021
Case Files - 1st Technical Review Comments Need Tech Subm1st Technical Review Comments10/26/2021
FDPs - Tab11Need Tech Submsite plan redline responses10/8/2021
FDPs - Tab10Need Tech SubmPlat Redline Responses10/8/2021
Case Files - Applicant Response - Technical Review Comments1Need Tech SubmRESPONSE TO COMMENTS10/8/2021
FDPs - Tab9Need Tech SubmLETTER OF INTRODUCTION10/8/2021
Case Files - Letter of Introduction/JustificationPlanning File MgmtLetter of Introduction9/13/2021
Case Files - 3rd Review Comments Need Tech Subm3rd Review Comments9/2/2021
Case Files - Applicant Response - 3rd Review Comments Need 3rd SubmFinal Plat - Response to Redlines8/11/2021
Case Files - Applicant Response - 2nd Review Comments Need 3rd SubmResponse to Comments8/11/2021
FDPs - Tab8Need 3rd SubmAddressing File8/11/2021
Case Files - 2nd Review Comments Need 3rd Subm2nd Review Comments7/15/2021
FDPs - Tab6Need 2nd Subm210622-Buckley Yard-02-Redline Responses6/22/2021
Site Plans - Preliminary Drainage Letter/Report Need 2nd Subm210622-Buckley Yard-02-Drainage Redline Response6/22/2021
FDPs - Tab1Need 2nd Subm210622-Buckley Yard-02-Pre Drainage Plan6/22/2021
Case Files - 1st Review Comments Need 2nd Subm1st Review Comments5/13/2021
Case Files - Acceptance Letter1st Referral SentAcceptance Letter4/23/2021
Case Files - Referral Memo1st Referral SentReferral Memo4/23/2021
Site Plan - Site DetailsSubmit Application210402-BY-SP-01-Closure + Monuments4/21/2021
Case Files - Title WorkSubmit ApplicationTITLE COMMITMENT4/2/2021
Case Files - Response to Pre-app notesSubmit ApplicationRESPONSE TO COMMENTS4/2/2021
Site Plan - Cut SheetsSubmit ApplicationMINERAL RIGHTS AFFIDAVIT4/2/2021
Case Files - CorrespondenceSubmit ApplicationCERTIFICATE OF TAXES4/2/2021