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There are two types of transport permits required in the City of Aurora: Annual Transport Permits and Single Trip Permits.

No permit is required for vehicles falling below all of the thresholds in the following table—if a vehicle exceeds the threshold in one or more categories, the Annual Transport or Single Trip Permit requirements shall apply.

Annual Transport Permits are for companies that have one or more vehicles travelling on Aurora roads for work purposes throughout the year. All vehicles must fall within the Annual Transport Permit thresholds in the following table to be eligible for an Annual Transport Permit. If a vehicle exceeds the threshold in one or more categories, the Single Trip Permit requirements shall apply. The cost for an Annual Transport Permit is $105.00 per vehicle.

Single Trip Permits are for one-time trips within the City of Aurora for oversize and/or overweight vehicles. All vehicles falling within one or more of the Single Trip Permit thresholds in the following table will be required to obtain a Single Trip Permit. The permit is for one trip. If a round trip is required, the return trip must occur on the same day within 4 hours of initial arrival at the trip destination. The City may require that a qualified traffic signal maintenance contractor escort the load if traffic facilities are at risk. Alternatively, a City of Aurora signal crew will escort the load and overtime rates will be applied. The cost for a Single Trip Permit is $75.25 per vehicle per trip. Single Trip Permits are only valid for the date specified on the permit. Turnaround time for Single Trip Permit application approval is typically 1-3 business days.

  No City Permit Required
(all categories met)
Annual Transport Permit
Single Trip Permit
Vehicle Length Less than 75 feet 75 to 120 feet Greater than 120 feet
Vehicle Width Less than 8.5 feet 8.5 to 15 feet Greater than 15 feet
Vehicle Height Less than 13 feet 13 to 16 feet Greater than 16 feet
Gross Vehicle Weight Less than 85,000 lbs 85,000 to 200,000 lbs Greater than 200,000 lbs
  State and City axle weight limits still apply.
(Information on City axle weight limits may be found here: )

The City of Aurora can accept payment by MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, and American Express over the Internet. Payments may also be made by check through the mail, or by cash or check in person at the City Cashier’s Office, which is located on the first floor of the Aurora Municipal Center, 15151 E Alameda Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80012.


  1. An extra-legal vehicle or load is prohibited from travel Monday through Friday (between 6:30am – 8:30am and 3:30pm – 6:30pm) unless prior written authorization is granted by Aurora’s Public Works Department.
  2. This permit is not an authorization to cross load posted structures.
  3. This permit is not valid unless accompanied with the following documents at all times.
    1. Current Colorado Bridge Weight Limit Map
    2. Current Colorado Pilot Car Escort and Oversize Restriction Map
    3. Current copy of the Colorado rules and regulations governing oversize/ overweight vehicles or loads.
    4. Evidence of insurance coverages required by law for the activities covered by this permit.
  4. A copy of this approved permit must be in possession of vehicle operator at all times.
  5. This permit does not authorize the transportation of hazardous materials. The shipping of hazardous material is governed by 49 CFR Part 172.
  6. Applicant agrees to maintain all insurance coverages required by law for the activities covered by this permit during the entire term of this permit.
  7. Please refer to the City’s published Truck Route Map ( and Municode 134-356(b) for additional assistance in Through Truck Route selection.


Be it understood by the applicant that this permit when issued is valid only on those highways under the jurisdiction of the City of Aurora, State of Colorado. To operate on highways under other jurisdiction (county or state highways), it is necessary to obtain a separate permit from the authorities having jurisdiction thereover.

If the requested permit is granted, the undersigned agrees:

  1. To take every precaution to protect the highway and the traffic from damage or injury, using pilot cars or flagmen to warn the traveling public on all blind curves, both vertical and horizontal pursuant to the Colorado rules and regulations governing oversize/overweight vehicles or loads.
  2. In case of overwidth of load, the same is to be placed on the vehicles with the overhang as far to the right as possible, and in any event the material shall be loaded so as to present the minimum hazard to traffic.
  3. To be financially responsible and to make prompt payment for any damage caused to the traffic, to traffic lights, overhead signs, wires, cables and other installations or to the highway or bridges by the transportation of this load. (per the requirements of Sec. 512 Model Traffic Code for Colorado rev.2010)
  4. That the operator of the vehicle or vehicles is duly licensed according to statute.
  5. To operate the vehicle or vehicles at all times in accordance with any and all provisions of law, except as exempted herein, with regard to motor vehicles and the operation thereof.
  6. That (s)he understands and accepts all provisions and requirements of this permit, including the provisions as provided in the City Code of the City of Aurora and the Colorado rules and regulations governing oversize/ overweight vehicles or loads (latest edition).
  7. To indemnify and hold harmless City of Aurora, State of Colorado, its officers and employees, appointed and elected officials from all suits, actions or claims of any character whatsoever brought because of any injuries or damage received by any person, persons or property arising from the issuance of use of this permit.
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