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THE FORUM - SP AMD | Approved
Type Phase Title Date Resubmit View
Case Files - Applicant Response - Technical Review Comments2Need 2nd SubmThe Forum Rev2_Comment Response Letter7/7/2021
Case Files - CorrespondenceNeed 2nd SubmThe Forum - East Lot CSP 2021 07 027/7/2021
Case Files - Applicant Response - 2nd Review Comments Need 2nd SubmThe Forum Sub #2_Comments Response7/7/2021
Site Plans - Cover Sheet and Engineered Site PlanNeed 2nd SubmUpdate CSP5/20/2021
Case Files - Applicant Response - 1st Review Comments Need 2nd Subm1st Review Comment Response5/20/2021
Case Files - 1st Review Comments Need 2nd Subm1st Review Comments4/20/2021
Case Files - Minor Amendment ApplicationSubmit ApplicationMinor Amendment Application3/11/2021
Case Files - Response to Pre-app notesSubmit ApplicationResponse to Pre-App Notes3/11/2021
Case Files - Letter of Introduction/JustificationSubmit ApplicationNarrative3/11/2021