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Type Phase Title Date Resubmit View
Case Files - 1st Technical Review Comments Need Final Mylars4th Review Letter9/12/2018
Case Files - Proof of Ownership Need 3rd SubmTwo Quit Claim Documents8/30/2018
Case Files - Applicant Response - 1st Review Comments Need 3rd SubmCSTP Filing No. 7 4th Submittal8/30/2018
Case Files - 3rd Review Comments Need 3rd Subm3rd Review Comments7/24/2018
Case Files - Document OneNeed 3rd SubmApplicant Response to 2nd Review Comments7/3/2018
Case Files - Title WorkNeed 3rd SubmTitle Work7/3/2018
Case Files - 2nd Review Comments Need 3rd Subm2nd Review Comments4/9/2018
Case Files - Applicant Response - Technical Review Comments3Need 2nd SubmCSTP Filing No. 7 2nd Submittal-closure sheets3/20/2018
Case Files - Applicant Response - Technical Review Comments2Need 2nd SubmCSTP Filing No. 7 2nd Submittal3/20/2018
Case Files - Applicant Response - 3rd Review Comments Need 2nd SubmCSTP Filing No. 7 2nd Submittal3/20/2018
Case Files - 1st Review Comments Need 2nd Subm1st Review Comments3/8/2018
Case Files - Acceptance Letter1st Referral SentAcceptance Letter2/16/2018
Case Files - Referral Memo1st Referral SentReferral Memo2/16/2018
Site Plans - Alta SurveySubmit Application22nd Ave Exhibit A2/12/2018
Case Files - Vicinity MapSubmit ApplicationAdjacent Property Owners List1/31/2018
Case Files - Legal DescriptionSubmit Applicationlegal1/22/2018
Case Files - Response to Pre-app notesSubmit Applicationcertificate of taxes due1/22/2018
Case Files - CorrespondenceSubmit ApplicationPre-submittal comments response1/9/2018
Files Flagged as Resubmit
Subdivision Plat/Replat3rd Subm RedlinesPlat Redlines_Rev49/12/2018