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Type Phase Title Date Resubmit View
Case Files - CorrespondenceNeed Tech SubmComment Responses3/21/2022
Master Plan - Context Map and Site AnalysisNeed Tech SubmLamar Landing Master Plan3/21/2022
Case Files - 3rd Technical Review Comments Need Tech Subm3rd Technical Review3/16/2022
Case Files - Letter of Introduction/JustificationNeed Tech SubmComment Responses2/23/2022
Case Files - Response to Pre-app notesNeed Tech SubmComment Responses2/23/2022
Case Files - 1st Technical Review Comments Need Tech Subm1st Tech Review4/26/2021
Master Plan - Master Utilities PlanNeed Tech SubmMaster Utility Report3/5/2021
FDPs - Tab12Need Tech SubmTab 123/5/2021
FDPs - Tab10Need Tech SubmTab 103/5/2021
FDPs - Tab8Need Tech SubmTab 83/5/2021
FDPs - Tab7Need Tech SubmTab 73/5/2021
FDPs - Tab4Need Tech SubmTab 43/5/2021
FDPs - Tab3Need Tech SubmTab 33/5/2021
Case Files - Applicant Response - 3rd Review Comments Need Tech SubmComment Response Letter3/5/2021
Case Files - Applicant Response - Technical Review Comments2Need 3rd Subm2nd Review Comment Response Letter1/14/2021
Case Files - 2nd Review Comments Need 3rd Subm2nd Review Comments12/9/2020
Case Files - Applicant Response - Technical Review Comments3Need 2nd SubmResponse to Email Comments10/21/2020
Case Files - Applicant Response - 2nd Review Comments Need 2nd SubmComment Response Letter10/21/2020
Case Files - 1st Review Comments Need 2nd Subm1st Review Comments8/20/2020
Case Files - Acceptance Letter1st Referral SentAcceptance Letter8/3/2020
Case Files - Referral Memo1st Referral SentReferral Memo8/3/2020
Case Files - Applicant Response - Technical Review Comments1Submit ApplicationEmail Comment Responses7/22/2020
Case Files - Applicant Response - 1st Review Comments Submit ApplicationPre App comment Responses7/22/2020
Case Files - Title WorkSubmit ApplicationTitle Committment6/22/2020
Files Flagged as Resubmit
Master Plans - cover sheet and engineered site planTech Subm RedlinesMaster Plan Compiled_tech3 redlines3/16/2022